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We do not "rent" our sets/costumes, but love to help out LOCAL schools and community theaters.  Please email with your needs and a time frame.  Please keep in mind that we are a volunteer-run community theater in Southern California.

WE DO NOT SHIP!!  Local inquiries only, please.

See our Past Shows page for an updated list and more pictures!
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 Aladdin Jr. Sets & Costumes Available Now!
 Beauty & the Beast - We have a two-story rotating set for Disney's B&B along with all the great set pieces including Chip's Cart, Maurice's invention, Tavern Tables, & a fountain.  Our costumes are equally impressive and beautifully constructed, with everything from villagers, household objects, Lumiere, Belle's gowns, Cogsworth (with working winding key!), Babette, & Mrs. Potts and the rest of this fabulous cast of characters.
  HONK ! - This classic broadway retelling of Hans Christian Anderson's "The Ugly Duckling" is full of hysterically funny lyrics and upbeat music that is perfect for community theater.  Our set design will add yet more charm to an already fun production, with eggs that actually open and costumes that suggest the animal characters creatively.  Take a look at our video clip and see if you don't agree!!
 Cinderella - R&H or Disney Kids, we have Cinderella's dresses & the Stepsisters as well as gavotte dancers, godmother, set pieces, including the godmother's window w/ magic vase of flowers (rigged for easy crew operation), chef & cooks, and a meriad of other items.   Our Sets transform from Cinderella's house to Palace, King's bedroom & Ballroom.  They are quite impressive & simple to operate with a central staircase.