Sets, props, costumes


We have many sets, props and costumes that we are happy to rent to  LOCAL theater companies in the L.A./Orange County area of Southern California.  Please keep in mind that we are an entirely volunteer run theater company and we have no paid staff to assist you….our amazing volunteers will be in touch.  Pieces are shown by appointment only and must be picked up and returned by you.


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Our costumes are washed or dry cleaned after the close of the show and are either packed in plastic covered bins or hung in our storage facility.

Yes, you must return the costumes clean and in the condition you rented them.

That would be considered for each individual piece.  You must have our express permission to paint or alter.

Rental fees are determined by piece or by combination of pieces and by the time period needed.

Contact us immediately if a costume, prop, or set piece gets damaged. Depending on the extent, you would forfeit your security deposit or a fraction thereof.

Our volunteer parents and cast members have worked hard to build our pieces over the years.  We do not budget for repairs, so if something gets damaged, we need the funds from the security deposit to make repairs.